Review - Diamond Challenge Visit to Mirabal International School

Review - Diamond Challenge Visit to Mirabal International School

International Baccalaureate class of 2019 - Mirabal International School 

Review - Diamond Challenge Visit to Mirabal International School

On Friday, November 15th, 2019, Melissa Ann Kinsell from International Innovation Initiative, the Spanish organization representing the Global Entrepreneurship and Innovative competition for the Diamond Challenge, visited Mirabal International School. This competition is sponsored by the University of Delaware. The purpose of her visit was to explain the nature of this important competition, how to apply and its academic and financial benefits. 

The Diamond Challenge is an international competition for young entrepreneurs, which gives teenagers in high schools from all over the world the unique chance to come up with a business idea and present it in English in front of an international jury. For schools in Spain, the competition consists of a preliminary national phase that normally takes place in our country and then a final round that takes places at the University of Delaware, USA.

During the talk, with the useful aid of product worksheets, Melissa encouraged us to quickly come up with a business idea by first thinking of a problem. We had to quickly develop it following some basic instructions she gave us. The purpose of this activity was to develop our business skills and acumens as young entrepreneurs and future leaders of multinational companies.

This competition provides us with the opportunity to win a prize up to $13,000.  By virtue of reaching the preliminary phase, students receive a diploma signed by the University of Delaware that testifies to the fact that they have participated in such an international competition.

We immensely enjoyed the workshop and found it really interesting because it has boosted our self-esteem and has forced us to think more quickly, rationally and internationally. We now feel more encouraged and fortified in our quest for success in this competition, knowing that the only limit to success is the limit we set on ourselves. In fact, some of us were not willing to participate in this competition but have now become deeply interested and eager to take our business ideas to the University of Delaware, thanks to the brilliant job Melissa did with us. Without a doubt, we would like to have more workshops in the future like this one in order to remain stimulated and to understand other points of view.

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to Kayson for organizing this visit and to Melissa for spending her valuable time with us so that we could appreciate a more in-depth way how businesses are born and conducted.

Written by: Miriam, Andrea, Alex, Lucas, Úrsula, María Cela, Sofía Santamaría and Alejandro Ponce.

Edited by: Álvaro Pineda Pulido.

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